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Chris Ribeiro 

CD/Writer : Marketer : Author : Woodworker : Resumé

I love every moment I've spent in advertising. I know how to spot an idea that will start conversation, launch products, and build iconic brands. To me, it's not just about making famous ads...which is a’s about clear strategic thinking, good business sense, and craftsmanship in execution. And doing all of it across the smartest media landscape possible. It’s a lot harder than it looks on Mad Men. But isn't everything?


I have pitched, won, and built marketing campaigns in nearly every segment from soda pop to social media. I've had the good fortune to play a part in some memorable and effective creative with companies like the ones below, and many others. My work has been recognized by the One Club, the Clios, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Emmy’s. As a result, I own a bow tie. And...bonus...I know how to tie it. Please enjoy. And thank you for visiting.

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